Dayton Wingmasters Trainer Night

Thank you for visiting Wingmasters Field, we hope you consider joining the Dayton Wingmasters.   We are an AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) sanctioned radio control organization based at the Wegerzyn Metroparks in Dayton, Ohio.  With a history of nearly 50 years in the Dayton area, the club has provided a facility for thousands of radio control enthusiasts with an organized, family oriented, safe place to fly.

This packet will help you better understand the RC hobby so that you have all the information needed to progress from a beginner to an accomplished seasoned pilot.   During the training period, we’ll provide you with the equipment to minimize your spending and we’ll do all we can to minimize any potential frustrations.   As you read through this document and have questions, please feel free to ask one of our members, we’re here to help.   Our club has nearly 100 members and we all started out as beginners.

  • Trainer Night, When, Time, Location
    • Trainer night is held (weather / wind permitting) every Wednesday night during Daylight Savings Time. Start time is typically 5:30 and runs until dusk.   Check our website / scheduled events for more information (   Wingmasters Field is located at the rear of Wegerzyn Gardens 1301 E. Siebenthaler Ave., Dayton.
  • Training Explained
    • We’ll do all we can to make your experience a good one. Our goal is to have up to three trainers available.   There is no need to go out and buy any equipment or join any organizations during the training period.   The training period is defined as flying with the help of a club instructor.   We’ll provide the aircraft and radios to get you started.   We train using a buddy box system.   Simply stated, both the instructor and the trainee will get a transmitter that is connected via cable.    The instructor will first cover the controls and what to expect.   The instructor will then take off and fly the airplane to a safe altitude.   Once at a safe altitude and location, the instructor will press a button on his transmitter and turn control over to the trainee.   If the trainee pilot provides the wrong input (and you will!), the instructor will push a button and take control of the aircraft which prevents a crash.   This is by far the safest and least inexpensive way to learn the hobby.   We’ve trained hundreds of pilots over the years with buddy boxes.   Training is available to anyone over 18 years of age or younger if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Equipment –
    • If you have an interest in flying a RC airplane, you’re probably an enthusiast who likes Bi-Planes, Warbirds, Aerobatic Planes or Jets. This cannot be emphasized enough; you want to start with a plane intended for training.   There are several models you can choose from, we’ve had an opportunity to fly most of them and for training, we fly the E-Flite Apprentice.  
    • As stated, before buying a plane and radio, come out on trainer night and fly with one of our instructors and use one of our club trainers. Once you feel comfortable flying solo, we encourage you to join our club and purchasing your own trainer.   So, what should you buy?   Again, we like the E-Flite Apprentice.   You can buy it in several configurations.    You can buy the Ready to Fly version (RTF) that includes the plane, radio system, a battery, charger, and all the electronics.   To get started with the RTF version you’ll spend about $400.   If you see yourself getting really emersed in the hobby, you may want to consider the configuration that does not include the transmitter.   You can then choose a transmitter that will grow with you as you start buying new models.   You’ll also want to look at additional batteries and a charger that will allow you to charge multiple batteries at one.   Look for a charger that is both A/C & D/C compatible.   Wingmasters Field has a charging station that can support both.    Consult with a salesperson at one of the three hobby shops in the Dayton area.
    • Our trainers recommend that you look at purchasing a flight simulator called Real Flight. The software loads on to your computer and puts a transmitter in your hands.   You can choose a hundred or so different planes and fly them at various simulated fields.    The input from the transmitter works the same as the transmitter you’re flying at the field.   It’s a great way to hone your skills.   The best part, if you crash the plane, you can press a button and reset the plane on the runway to try it again.   Graphics on the simulator are excellent, you’ll get a real-world experience    Simulators are available at one of Dayton’s local hobby shops (more on that later).   There are several different versions available, talk to your sales rep to determine what’s best for you.
  • Where to buy? –
    • If you are purchasing a new airplane, radio, field equipment etc., we highly encourage you to visit one of our local hobby shops. In the Dayton area we have three to choose from, all three of these hobby shops have been serving the Dayton area for years, they have good inventory, knowledgeable salespeople, replacement parts and owners who provide first class service.

The Hobby Shop
153 Springboro Pike
Dayton, OH 45449

RC Hobby Center
2130 Harshman Rd
Dayton, OH 45424

Radical RC   
2130 Harshman Rd
Dayton, OH 45424