How to join Dayton Wingmasters

Joining our club is easy, but first you must complete the requirements for flying at the field. This includes current AMA membership and FAA Registration.

Club membership is $40 per year. An application for club membership can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.  Bring your application to a monthly club meeting or drop them off at RC Hobby Center or The Hobby Shop with payment and proof of current AMA and FAA.

Membership Application (here)

Your membership benefits include…

1. On-site Electric Power

During 2011, we added on-site electric power to both the site shelter (120VAC outlets) and to the the flightline pinbox. The pinbox was converted to a charging station with 120VAC outlets and 12VDC power bar with 4mm banana plug jacks. This new feature has really made things nicer at the field but as this cost for managing this service is a club expense. In 2012, we added a 24VDC charging option to this box, so the benefits for joining continue to grow!

2. Continuation of Facility Services

Although the City of Dayton does mow the majority of the field, they do not mow the area within about 50 feet of the runway and around the shelter and parking areas. Maintenance and mowing of the field, upkeep of the paved runway, shelter and the maintenance of electric service are the sole responsibility of the club. We are a non-profit organization so joining the club not only helps to maintain the facility but to also continually improve it.

Usage of the field is conditional upon compliance with the posted rules from the City of Dayton regarding approved times for powered flying as well as those general items that are included in the AMA Safety Code.

The club reserves the right to rescind access to those who are not in compliance with these documents.