Dayton Wingmasters Membership

How to join Dayton Wingmasters

  • Joining the Dayton Wingmasters –
    • Membership to the Dayton Wingmasters is open to anyone 18 years or older. There are several requirements for membership.
      • To become a Wingmasters member, you must first become a member of the AMA. AMA membership ensures that you are exposed to safety procedures and more important the AMA provides RC insurance (restrictions apply, visit for more information.   The property at Wingmasters Field is owned by the city of Dayton, the club leases the land.   The city (therefore the club) requires that you become an AMA member.   Membership is renewed every 12 months and costs $75 per year.  Seniors are afforded a small discount.   You can join the AMA by visiting .   With membership you will receive a monthly magazine with informative articles.
      • To fly your own plane, drone, or helicopter at Wingmasters Field you will be required to register with the FAA, you can visit . The cost is minimal, and you’ll be required to renew.   Don’t be confused when they refer to your aircraft as a drone, the term applies to all RC airframes.   You’ll register as a recreational user, and you’ll receive an assigned FAA ID which must be displayed on your aircraft.   This number is also required on your Wingmasters application.
    • When your application is submitted with the supporting information (see above), you’ll receive a key that will get you in the front gate at the field. Membership fees for 2024 is just $40 per year.   Membership is required to fly at Wingmasters field.   Membership is not required when flying with one of our trainers.   Non Wingmasters members can fly at our field providing they are a guest of a member in good standing (member must be present).  Why do we charge for membership?   The Dayton Wingmasters pays for all field upkeep including mowing, buildings, electricity, fencing, runway pavement etc.   Recently the club spent $15,000 for a new shelter house, and $4,000 for a new storage shed.
    • Benefits of Joining the Wingmasters are…
  • Being part of a storied organization that proudly represents the modelers of the Dayton Area
  • A 440-foot paved runway
  • The camaraderie of fellow modelers, who are open to ideas, and help support one another.
  • Free participation in Wingmaster Sponsored events like Dayton Modelrama. Dayton Modelrama is one of the larger RC swap meets in the country
  • There are numerous Fun Fly events held at the field throughout the year. We’ll provide food and there is a great chance you’ll have a good time.
  • Access to all the facilities at the flying field. Electric included.
  • Please visit for field & event schedule updates

Please note; The included key will unlock the Front Gate, Porta-Potty, Pin Box and the lock to turn on the Electricity.  Locks are routinely changed annually on or around January 1st.   Duplicating this key could result in losing club & field privileges.    Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month, during the summer months we meet at the field and during the cooler months meeting locations will be announced on our website and through e-mails.

You can download the following Membership Application form & bring it to our monthly meetings or take it to one of the Hobby Shop’s. Membership Application forms are also available at our monthly meeting & the hobby Shops.

Membership Application (here)