Dayton Wingmasters RealFlight Photo Field

This RealFlight Photo Field is in memory of Steve Whittridge.
Steve started this RealFlight field for the club. I’m continuing this effort in his memory. 

Aerial view of the Dayton Wingmasters Field

Select here for a Aerial view of the Dayton Wingmasters Field
You can pan around & zoom in/out with your mouse.

The airport/fields on this website are created for RealFlight version 7.5. If your not running version 7.5 you can download the Panorama image & import it into your version of Real Flight. Visit this website from time to time to look for new updates. This will be a work in process. Enjoy in the meantime ….. Mark Camden

Select here for a Panorama View of what it would looks like in Real Flight (Dayton Wingmasters Field v02)
You can pan around & zoom in/out with your mouse.

Video of the Dayton Wingmasters Real Flight photo field

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  • How to download a file from this website to your computer
  • How to import the Panorama image (JPG) into RealFlight
  • How to import the RealFlight Extension (RFX) into RealFlight

The instructions/steps are based on Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11, & RealFlight 7.5. The steps in the document may vary based on your versions. Some of instructions/steps may change if you have imported a pervious version of the file.

Version History

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